Topic about microchip

Have a question what microchip is better to get I am now 15 years old and I want to get a microchip install in my hand. @ODaily

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This mostly depends on your use case.


HECTOR!!! welcome back we’ve missed you


The better ones are going to be the flex variants. Just because of better read ability. But “best” is going to be entirely dependent on use case.

For access purposes you will be able to cover most options with a Magic chip and a T5577. For payment you will need a conversion, and for identity you should get an Apex. Those four should cover most options… :laughing:

Once you have those you will discover all of the cases that you don’t have covered yet.


Hey Hector! Welcome back.

Different chips do different things. This means you need to know what you want to do with it to pick the exact best chip.

The most likely chip for a first chip is the NeXT. It has two different chips in one implant, and can do most normal things. It won’t do the special things like payment, but still covers most uses.

In fact, it’s the exact implant that I have.