Toronto implanters


Just figured I’d shout out a place I found to get my implant done.
If you’re in Toronto I just got an appointment with Exotix
Might want to give them a call about getting an appointment if you’re in Toronto
Also @amal Maybe do a partnership?


Update. Dont bother.
the piercer there was incredibly unprofessional.
I was running late for my appointment due to traffic, ended up rescheduling for 5:30.
then called me back refusing to do it.
I requested to reschedule for another day and was turned down. Tanked me 80 bucks on a lyft.


Oh dear. How late were you running?


Initially it was 15 minutes, turned out traffic was even worse further down the road so it was becoming 30. So we rescheduled for a couple hours later then they called back and said he was refusing yo do it.


Another update. Found another piercer who’ll do it. Elevated Ink on kingston road. It’s not as close to downtown, and I was her first, but she’ll charge 100.


$100??? Crazy expensive. My guy does it for $30 in Ottawa.


Better than what the piercer downtown was gonna cost. 250


$250/implant is what I paid to get my xNt and xEm chips implanted into my left hand in Calgary. $250 was for the chip and time to do the implant.
I just ordered and shipping 3 new chips (xDF2, NeXT, Vivo spark) directly to my piercer so I’ll have to wait and see how much it will be to get these implanted.


wow whut a joke sorry to hear that happen to you glad to read on to see u found someone im so lucky i have a bother that’s going to do all my installs for me for free

hows it feal now to be a “cyborg” :blush: my kit will be in on Friday :smile:


dang. It would be cheaper for you to take the train here to Ottawa and visit my guy.
Shoot me a PM if you are ever looking in the Ottawa area for a piercer. He is based out of one of the tattoo/piercing shops here in town and did both of my chips. He does various body mods and is totally chill with doing basic tech mods.

  • sorry for the delay in my reply to your comment - I am actually finishing up writing my Master’s thesis for the last couple weeks on what I call the voluntary cyborg community (aka, us.) :grinning:


Hey Rajaramjet, I think I saw your video on the Facebook group. Where in Calgary did you get it done? I used to live there until a couple years ago and wasn’t sure who was doing implants out there.


Thanks for noticing 1 of the 5 videos I posted to the Facebook group Tam_A_Rama.
I got all 5 of my implants done at Tribal Expression. The first 2 implants that I got, I got directly from them. The videos I recently posted was of me getting 3 more implants which I ordered from DT website and had shipped directly to Tribal Expression.
While sitting in the chair getting my 3 implants installed I had a short conversation about magnets and just might go back to get a magnet implant in my wrist. But not sure as yet.