(****) Townsteel E-Smart 5000 Deadbolt

I purchased a TownSteel E-Smart 5000 (BLE) Deadbolt from CLK Supplies. For a little over $250. This is cheaper than the Level Lock Touch that I got to test and has a one star review on here.

The deadbolt replaced my current deadbolt (A Schlage B560) both are ANSI Grade 2 commercial deadbolts so they should stand up to similar abuse.

Both locks have a cylinder which takes a standard Schlage SC key blank. The B560 comes as a 5 pin lock but is fitted with a six pin cylinder. Unfortunately the TownSteel comes with only a five pin cylinder. The only other fault I have found so far is that the strike plate dust box is plastic rather than metal. This is not a big security issue as the strike plate takes the brunt of the force if the door is being kicked in, not the dust box. (This is the bit in the frame that the bolt slides into)

Once the installation had been completed, mostly smoothly, (the instructions about the orientation of the tailpiece come after the instructions telling you to install the outside part of the lock) I was ready to try it out.

This lock offers four different modes of operation from the outside. I have tried three of them so far.

  1. You can use a key. This works pretty much exactly as you would expect. The key goes in the hole and it turns. Then the key comes out of the hole.

  2. You can use a six to ten digit code. You have to set a new master pin before you can do this but the programming manual is straightforward. The master pin can be used or you can add additional pins.

  3. Once you have set a master pin you can also add RFID Credentials. This is pretty easy, you put it in new credential mode and scan an RFID card. The lock comes with two partial cards (about the size of a key ring) and two stickers. I checked them with a Proxmark3 Easy and they are all MiFare ISO 14443A tags. I don’t have any implants so I couldn’t test one of those but I do have a dual frequency ring. I added my ring as a card and it scanned perfectly. Given that the ring is an NTAG216 I would imagine any similar implants would also work.

  4. Bluetooth (there is also a wireless version of this lock, which requires a gateway). Town Steel have an App (TSE-Home) which can talk to the lock. I haven’t set this up yet so I don’t know how well it works yet. Given that the other three modes are currently working perfectly I don’t think it would be an issue.

Overall Score 4 out of 5. I knocked a total of one star off for the five pin cylinder (I haven’t tried swapping it out yet), the minor issue in the instructions, and the plastic dust box. None of these are big issues alone, but I felt combined they might be worth a star.

While I can’t guarantee that an implant will work with the RFID reader I think it would be highly likely to.



probably xM1, FlexM1

xNT, NExT implant

We clearly need to keep working on you…
the xSIID is on sale at the moment, it would possibly work on the lock also…we need those read range figures :wink:

just sayin’

Read range with the dual frequency ring is about an inch. Not great, but when you consider the size of the ring acceptable. Using the diagnostic card it looks like the antenna is on the right hand side of the keypad.

I tested the read range with one of the cards that came with the lock and it is about the same.

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Bumping this one. Anyone know if this works with the xSIID?

I don’t have any implants, least of all any x-series, but my xfd does not light up with it. I have no trouble reading my dual frequency ring, or some NFC tags from about an inch.

If anyone is near the Oregon coast and wants to pop by and test with an implant please DM me.

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Bit the bullet and purchased one on amazon (easy return if it doesn’t work). Ill keep the thread updated.


Hey All,
I can confirm that the sXIID does work with the Townsteen E-Smart 5000. I have only set up the lock in a dummy mode to test out my tag, but it does confirm and read it. FINALLY, a good deadbolt that works with the chip. let’s add it to the matrix!

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HAHAHAHAHHA oh man I’m so sorry @Pilgrimsmaster, I was doing 3 things at once and was so excited i found a lock that would work.

TownSteel E-Smart 5000

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Ha, no need to be buddy

I also realise I need to add a DT ring section.

Do you have any other implants you can test with?

As of now, I do not. I have the NExT implant but just haven’t installed it yet. I assume if it works with the xSIID, it will work with the NExt just fine.

If you’d like to send some testers, I’m more than happy to try out and ship them back.
Just let me know how I can help, I know if this doc was really filled out (even no’s on the products that we know wouldn’t work) it would help a ton and save you guys a ton of questions as well.