Tracking chips vs RFID IMPLANT

My back story first… I grew up in a kkk southern Christian cult. I was born different at first i was “cursed bye the devil”, then a “gift from god” my family has ties to a curtain 3 letter agency. I was trained to do things i will not get into here. In 1990s as a teen i was implanted with anew technology a GPS type of chip, it was big like 1 inch x 1+1/2 inch sq. After i figured out what they were doing was wrong, i ran away from home, after 15 more years of running, i finally got the nerve to cut the chip out myself. Then after about 1 year or so went bye i noticed that i had this “tick” of rubing my hand, subconsciously looking for it, so some time went bye and i had built ny own home and started my own family i had thought about getting a RFID safe and door lock, and figured i was already used to having something there. Well i did it, now i have a chip (special thanks to dangerous things.) and now i face another problem, i have plans on flying around but i am concerned about the TSA and if their screening is safe, i haven’t been on a plane for years and with all this new technology, will it be safe? I am not new to pain, but who dosent want things ripped out of their bodies lol, so what do i expect? Will i feel a slight tugging on the chip? Or nothing at all? Do they just xray or have MRI screening yet?

Got pics of what you cut out?

The glass tags are too small for TSA to pick up… You will have no issues. The screening technology they use is still metal detectors and the newer stuff is microwave backscatter based. Both will have no effect on the implant nor will the machines pick it up. If you don’t mind having some guy pat you down, you can bypass both of them just by asking for a patdown from the agent that controls people entering the machine. They will pull you aside and walk you through the gate. Downside is sometimes you have to wait a bit for someone to do the patdown and they test your luggage with the ion machine. I’ve never once gone through a backscatter machine, I always ask for a patdown if they are going to force me through. I usually try to find the line that isn’t using them if possible. Also they are not at all airports.

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I went with 5 RFIDs to three different types of airport scanners - nothing happend. At the moment I have 7 RFIDs - the metal detector didn’t regonize them.

Hi Jenny,

Which countries have you been through airport security with? I’m mostly wondering what the backscatter machines will show in the US and Canada. If they don’t even show up, I guess it’s moot.


Those are global and I’ve been through with my 6+ implants many times. No issues. The depth that stuff reaches through tissue is only about half a millimeter at best… so in theory it might be possible, but not likely to happen.

I don’t have been to the US since I got chipped the first time.

In September I fly home from Sweden with 14 RFIDs and 1 magnet - no problem.

About a year ago, we have at the visitor terrace at the airport a security check. I asked the people, if t hey can try it to lacate the chips with the hand detector - I showed them the locations - also from the magnet - nothing happend - the detector didn’T reacted to the implants.

I’ve been through millimeter wave scanners in the US and Canada with magnets, flex, and glass implants with no issue. Metal detectors don’t even ping me.


I work at the airport and i have 5 implants i go through diffrent metal detectors and scanners all day long and never an issue