Tracking number

Hi! I was wondering if I entered my email wrong since I haven’t had anything other than my PayPal receipt. My PayPal order
Invoice ID: DT-20690

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I thought the same for my order. Sware there was no email come through. Not sure what happened but weeks later i saw the email was titled 'DHL Express Shipment Confirmation"

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And welcome… what did u order?

I placed an order yesterday and got the invoice almost immediately by email. If you didn’t get one, that’s not normal. But it’s probably just a server that’d down or the email queue that isn’t flushed, if the Paypal payment went through. And you have an order number :slight_smile:

Actually, since I’m on the subject, I really wish the DT webshop had accounts, where one could enter one’s details once and for all, view previous orders and/or download invoices again.

Hey @j_feller,

I wouldn’t stress, your emails will be through soon enough from DT, and not long after you will have a bundle of stabby things.
However, if you dont have any emails from DT in the next couple of days, just copy and paste your message from above and head over to the website, and submit a help ticket
Via the floaty help button

yeah… we had those turned on at one time but spam bots figured out how to basically set up new accounts with your email address and put their marketing messages into the notes, which are forwarded to you by our “account creation success” messages… so we put security measures in place but that didn’t stop the bot storm… and soon our server started to choke on the near DDoS levels of form submission spam coming our way, so I just disabled the ability to create accounts all together.


We have your order and it’s processing. Michelle our fulfillment manager is working solo thanks to covid-19 and she’s a bit behind… but the order has been received and is processing. You should receive tracking information once it ships.

Michelle better be getting massive discounts for doing all this stuff solo.



I don’t think the warehouse is quite that small

Maybe we should all chip in and get her something nice.

Like an avatar, maybe.
I’m thinking something Femme Fatale, after all Danger is her name.

Google provides.



surely you mean

Thanks everyone! I ordered the NExT. It will be my first implant. I have my eye on the flexNExT with LEDs for my next purchase.

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