Hello how are you…? Someone help me I made my purchase of the Implant - NExT in February and USPS tracking to Paraguay and if anyone knows who to contact I will appreciate it. I am new to shipping.
Is it normal that late?
usps tracking


Shipping label created, USPS backordered item

Depends when in February did you place your order?

I couldnt quite work out what you were asking, Can you see the tracking info or not?

February 23 if I can see the tracking in usps… I don’t know when it will take more or less

What is your order number?

Order #31755

Ah I see…

International Transit
Processed Through Facility
April 3, 2023, 10:06 am

This is the last update on the tracking data. Do you have the tracking info? I will send to you via DM just in case.

As you can see, it took a long time to clear through to Paraguay but it is in the country now. Since it has been several days since clearance, I would try calling your domestic parcel delivery service Correo Nacional Paraguayo to inquire about the package. They may be waiting for additional customs checks, or possibly waiting for you to pay duty to import it… sometimes attempts to contact customers regarding duty payments fail and the package just sits there.


pass tracking that they have. I now ask and they say that the shipment does not appear in the database

4-72, the governmental mail from Colombia also takes a long time. While I don’t know the exact details on how this works in Paraguay, chances are that your package is in customs and will eventually make it through.

International government mail usually takes about a month or so. But expensive mail often gets inspected and some countries panic over implants and needles.

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