Tried to write card. Now every time i scan my tag it says invalid tag

I tried to erase tag with nfc app. still comes up with invalid tag. Tried to restore with tag writer and still get the same invalid tag.

Can someone please help me?


In short, this has been hashed out via the Facebook RFID Group and TS is getting a new xNT and (hopefully) sending this one back for analysis. I am certain this is a bug in the Android NDEF library and nothing to do with the actual tag, but it will require me to make some custom PC software and use an ACR122U to write binary data to fix the NDEF record on it to prove it… not something I have time for right now… but I will update this thread with results when the opportunity does present itself.

I got my old implant removed tonight and new one installed. I will be mailing it to Amal on Monday!


Thank you!

My best,