Trouble reading/programming xMagic dual chip with Proxmark3 Easy

I used “hf 14a reader @” to continuously ping the implant.

This is what I’m getting as a result:

I need help deciphering this and determining what to do next.

As an fyi, this was implanted 3-ish weeks ago.


are you trying to read it while implanted? if so, use the bottom PCB of the proxmark laid over your implant, don’t try to flip the proxmark over and place it face down over your implant.


Also try and read perpendicular to the antenna ( Make a + with your antenna and xMagic )

FYI one end of the xMagic will be LF and the other HF, so when you work this out, it may make the reading a little easier

Thanks Amal!

I tested, and it does not read from the bottom whatsoever. It will ONLY read from the top side of the proxmark3, and I’m still getting the anticollision issues, etc when I do. I’ve tried a number of different positionings, and it will not read from the bottom of the proxmark.

it is however displaying more information that i neglected to include last time. The UID, ATQA, and SAK are all (sort of) consistent during the read.