Trouble registering VivoKey card via VivoKey app

Unlike the Magic Ring (topic of my other thread today), my phone scans the VivoKey card. However, it just always opens a VivoKey webpage. The app itself never recognizes the scan. The page it opens does not have any useful information, but I will check that again just to be really sure.

How am I supposed to test anything if this process doesn’t work? Maybe I am trying to use it incorrectly. Please let me know. Thanks

The page you opened is a profile right, or an empty profile, does the url look like

Do not scan the chip and open the url with the app.
For me this creates an andless loop of opening the website when opening the app.
Fix this loop by closing or reinstalling the app.

The actual flow is open app, wait, scan.
Then you can setup your VK.

I’m not sure why this functionality to open links exists. Does anyone know?

Yeah, so, one of the cards just kept opening the website over and over when I was in the app, but the other prompted me to create an account. Sorry, I should have tried the other card before I posted here. Now I need to try to find the initial one I was using and see if there is anything I can do to “fix” it. Thank you!

I think opening this URL in vivokey is now the android default for this url, you need to delete the VivoKey app or fiddle around in the settings to remove that default.
VivoKey app will just open links.
And there is this loop, but I think it is from android intents maybe, when going back to the app from the browser.
It’s the app + android defaults not the card.