Troubleshooting NExT Implant: LF Works, HF Not Detected with Proxmark3 – Seeking Solutions!

I’m having a trivial but annoying problem. I have a NExT implant, (at position 0).
It reads fine, LF via Proxmark3 and HF via an NFC app on my phone. But i can’t for the life of me get it to read HF at the PM3.

I can read HF cards with the PM3 and I’ve the HF Field locator to find the correct spot on the reader. Still i cant get it to read the implant.

Any tips or suggestions?

The HF antenna on the proxmark3 is on the bottom PCB, so your best shot at reading HF on an implant is to place the entire proxmark3 overtop of your implant. Make sure the antenna crosses the NExT perpendicularly. Also you might try using the delay command to ensure easy placement after pressing enter;

here are some pictures

View from the top, placement from below as seen from the circled xSeries