Try to clone tag

Hi. I am reading an nfc tag that I have. It is a NXP MIFARE Classic 1K. I am trying to clone it and get it on to my xNT chip. But when i copy it with my G7 Edge it says it’s not supported so how do I make it happen.

The problem is that a “Mifare Classic 1K” chip (MF1 IC S50) is nothing like the NTAG216 chip inside the xNT. They are both ISO14443A and can communicate with the same readers, but the memory structures are completely different, and the security and features are too. You won’t be able to directly copy the memory contents from an S50 1k tag to the xNT. You might be able to do a byte-copy, but the end result won’t be structured the same… meaning the 16 bytes of data in sector 1 on S50 chip will be split up among pages 04-08 in the NTAG216. The reader trying to access the data will be all confused, and it just won’t work right.

Also, what app are you using to try and copy/clone this S50 chip with?

Finally, keep your eyes out for our xM1+ chip we are working on. It will allow you to clone data from an S50 1k chip into it, including the UID, which the NTAG216 does not support.