Trying to clone a chip

Hi, awhile ago I was stabbed with a chip the has a signature of 178 rf and it seems like it cacooned itself into the scar muscle and vibrates the skin. In my ear I get a ringing like what you hear from like a ham radio. I have been trying to get it out my doctor in New England can reach it, it’s in the right bicept. I do have the scarring. It has been since May 2014. I did have a body frequency scan. I was wondering if u would please assist me. Sometime feels like little electronic jolts under my skin. I am looking to make a clone so people can see what they look like. Most people are saying this is above their heads and don’t under and. The people that stabbed me last name is lindholm from Sterling Massachusetts. The electronic currents is causing a membrane tear and bone degenerate. Plus the eye itself the right has a odd pressure. Can u please reach out to me this is urgent.

Chris Chaffee


You mentioned money and power reason I witnessed something huge, they have the money and tech l3 technology which is electronic warfare. Plus on my side my relative was the deputy director of intelligence for the army fort Belvoir. Could you clone a chip or I could order one so people know what they look like. Their are classified things. The cia told me to get removed and said these things do exist , have you heard of trillium, or for I know could be a animal chip.

Have you had an X-Ray done?
They are fairly cheap (< $100) and might give people a better idea of what chip it is you want to clone.
In the (likely) case you are not chipped - it will hopefully at least give you a little closure.