Trying to clone a MIFARE Classic 1K to card

I autopwn my current fob, it found keys and saved 64 blocks to text file /Users/home/hf-mf-B3929B7F-dump-006.eml. I also used autopwn on the new key card and its saved the keys to: hf-mf-B3929B7F-key-003.bin

I tired cload and got the error below, and tried restore but the card still doesn’t work.

Any help is appreciated!

[usb] pm3 --> hf mf cload -f hf-mf-B3929B7F-dump-006.eml
[+] loaded 1024 bytes from text file hf-mf-B3929B7F-dump-006.eml
[=] Copying to magic gen1a card
[=] .[#] wupC1 error
[!] ⚠️  Can't set magic card block: 0
[usb] pm3 --> hf mf restore -f hf-mf-B3929B7F-dump-006.eml -k /Users/home/hf-mf-85008785-key.bin
[=] Using key file... `/Users/home/hf-mf-85008785-key.bin`
[+] loaded 1024 bytes from text file hf-mf-B3929B7F-dump-006.eml
[=] Restoring hf-mf-B3929B7F-dump-006.eml to card
[=]  blk | 
[=] -----+------------------------------------------------------------
[=]    0 | B3 92 9B 7F C5 88 04 00 C8 49 00 20 00 00 00 15 
[Removed for privacy]
[=]   63 | FF FF FF FF FF FF FF 07 80 69 FF FF FF FF FF FF 
[=] -----+------------------------------------------------------------

[=] Done!

Is your new card a Magic Gen1A card?

It’s not answering to the magic wake up command so what you’re using isn’t a gen1a

I believe it’s Gen2

I personally use MCT for my gen2 reading and writing (Which I do reasonably frequently)

It has many useful functions, but the 3 I use the most

  • Clone UID

This might be all you need

Otherwise just

  • Read
  • Write

Should be pretty straight forward, but let me know if you need some more guidance

The Diff Tool can be useful also

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Wish I could, but I don’t have Android :see_no_evil:

I believe on the proxmark3 you just run a restore command for gen2 and there might be a parameter switch for including sector 0 in that restore error process.