Trying to clone HID tag(em 4x05) with (em4305) chipset. Beginner

My main problem is that I cannot get more information about the tag. The only info I can obtain is raw data, demod buffer.

lf search : wiegand unknown bit len 43
raw:xxxxxxxxx with no letters.
valid HID prox id found
chipset detection EM4x05

further inspection into em4x05 yields

lf em 4x05 info:
chipet type | em4305
cap type 33xxx
serial id : xxxxxx

I cannot get the facility code or card number.

and advice?

This might be time to talk to Iceman on the Iceman discord server. He might have to run some basic data collection and submit that so he can update the proxmark3 firmware to properly identify it.

I am having similiar issues.

Does this em4x05dump info mean anything? Is this chip pwd protected?

EM 4x05dump