Trying to convince my parents abot a magnet implant

True that. My dad’s hand was rather heavy :slight_smile:

Did he tell you to GI it though?

(Having trouble telling if this means enlist or is something to do with the Gastrointestinal field and perhaps a subtle way of saying ‘Eat Shit’)

Ok, so i have an update (i dont think, it’s that interesting, but i find it pretty funny)
So, i tried to slowly introduce my parents to the idea, why someone would want to get an implant, not just a magnet, but implants in general. When i told him about the advantages of a NFC implant, he told me, someone would probably kill me, cut my hand off and buy something with it or break into the house! Yeah, so thats pretty much it. Found it relatively funny

I mean it’s so much easier to mug someone for a key or break in. Plus, unless you have the finest art pieces in your house, nobody’s going to kill you just to break in.

But: Positive thing: I think i’m getting closer to getting them to at least understand the advantages!

This may help, if you haven’t shown them already

I interpret this as admitting its a desirable, functional thing to have.

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I don’t know why this is always the first idea people come up with… I mean, even now, someone could kill me, take my keys and break into the house :woman_shrugging:
Or maybe just smash the house’s window? People are always very creative when thinking about burglars - they think of lockpicks, hacking, cutting off body parts for fingerprints, implants or iris scanners… when some asshole broke into my mom’s house, they threw a big stone they found in the garden through the terrace door.
Plus, yeah, it requires some criminal energy to be a burglar, but it’s a big step from there to actually mutilating or killing someone, at least for most, I guess.

Would probably help, but i was just kinda telling them, “tere is someting like implants and they are useful” My “Goal” is to get them to allow me a magnet, or at least accept, that i want to get a magnet.

And a magnet doesn’t grant you access to anything, besides running the washer machine with the lid open.


This happened like once with fingerprints.
You do not hear regulary that people get their fingers cut off.
So I guess that’s not valid. Also once someone cuts my implant out of my arm, I just disable the card. Has a 25€ limit anyways (without pin).

I wanted to get an xG3 v1 because i do not care THAT much about lifting power and mainly wanted to get it for sensing, so from what i read, that one seems to be the best option for me…

I bet they’ve had you figured out from the get-go and they’re stringing you along :slight_smile:

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Uhh, not sure about that…
It’s possible, but i don’t think so, they are really against technology in general… My dad doesn’t even have a smartphone because he says, he doesn’t trust them

Smart dad.


… about ways to talk shit about something they barely understand haha… not that their arguments are good or make sense or anything… but they are creative, I’ll give them that. Honestly I’ve heard the most insane batshit crazy ideas come from people who were trying to argue against chip implants.


In contrast to batshit crazy reactions to implants, here’s something really unusual that happened to me last Sunday: I went to the swimming pool and paid for my ticket with my implant. The little old lady behind the perspex pane started saying “Wait… w… what was that?”. Quite typical. So I brought up my hand and started pointing at the implant, and was about to open my mouth to explain when the lady went “Oh! You’ve got a payment implant. Right then. Have a good swim!”

Er… That was a new one.


haha oh mah… that’s so funny. In 2018 I was in London testing out a payment implant in 3mm glass … very early prototype. Guy at the coffee shop sees it and goes “Oh that one of those payment implant things?” and I was like … uh… yeah… what are you, from the future or something? This is a prototype. He just shrugged.


You know, I should have asked her where she knew about those things (and how she behaved so matter-of-factly about it). But… I just basked in the utter normality of it - kind of like experiencing the future today, like you said - and let it slide. If I see her again this Sunday I’ll ask her.


Are magnets technology?