Trying to convince my parents abot a magnet implant

Hi! I was thinking about getting an implant, i wantet to start with a magnet, because i do not have any real uses for an RFID/NFC-implant yet (i’m 15). But when i told my parents, i wanted to get a magnet implant, they didn’t take me seriously and just wiped the topic of the table. They just didn’t think, i was serious with my idea and i really have no idea, how to convince them. Hopefully someone can help me here…


I think it will be very difficult to convince them otherwise. I am 46 years old, I myself am a father of three children, and most likely - I would advise them NOT to temporarily change their body. It seems to me that such things should be done at a more conscious age.
At a young age, I commit a lot of rash acts (for example, at the age of 15 I got a tattoo and, of course, did not ask my parents, but now I regret what I did, it’s good that now technologies allow you to completely remove the tattoo)
It’s the same with implantation - I came to the conclusion that I want to have an implant - as an adult.
This is my opinion on this issue and I do not impose on ANYONE))! Good luck to all :wink: :+1:

So, ask yourself first - are you? If so, you can tell them exactly why you want a magnet implanted, what you plan to do with it, that you understand the risks (both for the install itself as well as afterwards), that you know how it might affect your life (for example if you need an MRI), that you can get it out again… show them you are serious, by showing you did a lot of research.

Another problem might be the install, for at least in Germany I know no bodymodder who would do an implant on someone < 18 years.


I see it different. If my children would want something like a chip or piercing I would say them do your research. If they developed enough knowledge I would tell them GI ahead.

Ifen if they regret it in future it helped them learning a lesson and next time they will pripably decide more careful.

I did ridiculous dumb stuff @age 15 but it just helped me develop my personality and learn tons of stuff from it

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Are your parents conservative or more open minded?
Maybe you should just buy one and show it your parents. So they will know that you aren‘t joking :innocent:
If they are afraid that you put something not healthy in your body i would choose a xG3 with bioglas. Bioglas is a well known technology and used for animal chipping for decades and also used in humans (VeriChip/HealthLinkChip)

They dont realy like new stuff… And i am also afraid, that they will just say no, as i dont have that much money and it would be pretty bad, if i wasted my money on an implant, i am not allowed to get installed

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In that case you can ask to send it back to DT

Just for you to know

Or sell it to someone here on the forums

Yeah, you’re right…
Another thing i think could be a problem is that they would probably just be more justified in their decision of denying it, if i just buy something and only tell them afterwards

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Thats comprehensible.
In general my suggestion is, be honest to your parents, prepare yourself for a conversation and prepare arguments specially for the „health“ questions.
Think about the question why you want an implant and how you could mediate your arguments (maybe getting a new sense).

What you said about you tattoo is true, i have a similar story to tell but on the other side a xImplant is much easier to remove than a tattoo.


Yeah, i will try that…
Thank you all for the Ideas and Support!

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it is truth too!

You mean to say if they’re really serious, you’ll send them to military academy to cool them off once and for all? :slight_smile:


Typo. I’m on mobile with my shutty phone plus broken screen. Can’t really see what I’m typing :smiley: I meant go ahead

It’s not a bad idea though.

Going behind their back is not the way to get what you want …

Also, think about it and about all repercussions.
A big point about magnets is that they are not MRI compatible, you will have to remove it before you can go in the machine, which could hinder medical treatment.

Maybe talk to them and introduce them to the idea for now?
It may take them time to get around the idea and understand what it is and why you want one …


No, i know that. That wasn’t what i was implying, i want to get their approval, not do it without them knowing. Also it would be pretty hard to get someone to implant something for a 15 Year old without a parent. And i am definetely not doing it myself because i know, that i am stupid and would probably find a way to cut my hand off or something xD

Lots of good advice have been given here, so just tossing a couple more cents in the pond:

The majority of the parents will argue against it because they want to protect their children.
And when it comes to any “permanent” decision This leads to way too many parents thinking:
“I did things I regret when I was your age, so II will forbid you from doing it so you won’t regret it”.

Despite this coming from a loving place, this lacks the appreciation to the fact that those experiences, whether they regret them or not, are part of all the myriad of experiences that formed the loving people whom they are now.

So you can angle your argument in the direction of:
“regretting my own choices is part of growing up. So shielding me from any possibility of regret will not be helping me grow. That said, a magnet is something we can put in and then take out if I regret. Much better than a tattoo. wink wink.”


So here’s an idea. I just recently bought an implant, the sterilization is good for 5 years. When I bought mine it arrived with 19 months left on the clock. I’m not sure if you can, but I guess you could request a fresher product. Something that you can still implant when your an adult. Don’t just do it, tell your parents this plan. It will set the pace that this conversation needs to happen now, while also not going behind their backs. Keep the box in a shoebox tote. The less it’s handled the better.

Well it is: you do get what you want. The problem is all the trouble you also get that you definitely don’t want when your folks find out :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, consequences. But the weight of them is different for everyone.