Trying to get implanted in DMV area

Hi, I’m quite new to this space and I wanted to get a NExT chip installed. I’m located in the general DC, Maryland, Virginia region and I followed the guide on approaching local piercing/body mod professionals with no real results.

I contacted two places in Baltimore and philadelphia listed on the partners map in addition to local professionals but was also refused.

Does anybody live in this general area and has found places that are willing to perform the procedure? I wouldn’t mind driving out a couple of hours from the area either.

Thanks in advance


Yeah, I’ll DM you


Shops on the partner map said they wouldn’t do it? What shops?

I talked with inthespaceguy. He contacted a shop on the map and got ahold of a tattoo artist that works out of the same building who said no (probably by reflex). I pointed him to the right email and he should be able to get in touch with an appropriate piercer.

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I read that as:
don’t worry! “I know a guy”