Trying to get PureWrist working in Chile

hello community, let me introduce myself my name is Patricio Briones, I’m from Chile and I’ve been trying to get My PureWrist to work for a while, unfortunately I need an American ID and the person who was going to do it for me cannot access it, someone who wants to help me, I could pay you, but I need to solve it urgently. Thanks a lot

Reloadable credit cards in the US like the Purewrist are connected to your social security number. I don’t know if anyone is going to help out unless they know you well.

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Seems odd. Surely a non U.S. citizen living in the states wouldn’t be rejected. Doesn’t I.N.S. issue an alternative to SSN so that non citizens can pay taxes while working here? Could that be obtained and sustituted? Probably a huge hassle, but is it possible?

As a non citizen living and working in the states I have a SSN.

As far as I know if you are entitled to work in the US you get an SSN.

The INS issues A numbers for people entitled to live in the US even if they aren’t allowed to work. I think the IRS might issue an alternative ID for people who have to pay taxes but don’t have an SSN.