Trying to Understand the Difference Between All Transponders

So, firstly I want to clarify that one transponder can be connected to multiple things, including door/car locks and things for computers?

I’m also having trouble understanding which ones are more compatible with various devices, I noticed that the compatibility page only notes a few house and motorcycle locks for each region.

In terms of RFID vs. NFC, would passive RFID transponders be the better way to go for things like door locks and the like?

Additionally, which transponder could you recommend for the things I want to do? How easy is the setup for Samsung’s Ezon locks?

Sorry for all the questions, I want to thank the team and supporting members of this group for making such amazing and evolutionary devices!

Hey there,

First I’d check out the x-series FAQ located at

Next I would check the product compatibility list here;

The FAQ is a wall of text, but reading through it should get you up to speed pretty quickly. You can reply here with any additional questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.

Okay, I appreciate it