TSA and PM3...Friend or Foe?

Has anyone had problems with taking the Proxmark3 along with your carry on luggage? I usually keep my PM3 in my laptop bag, and fly out tomorrow, hoping there will be no issues.

Don’t admit to any illegal uses…

It’s a rfid diagnostic tool

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I always fly with mine carry on and I’ve never been pulled up. I’m usually more concerned about my wifi pineapple because it’s clearly a radio transmitter but I’ve never been stopped.

Might also note I’m talking domestic only and I’m Aussie so I don’t have to deal with TSA power trips. Even still, I can’t imagine it’d be an issue… Have you checked your airline and relevant authority regulations?

Fly in the US every week with pm3 and my pick set in carry on … Also have wire stripper, nippers and a few screw drivers, wires and all my PCL stuff …
They are more concerned about the bundle of wires because it doesn’t reed through on the x-rays … Was chatting up with a regular tsa agent at my gate and he confirmed they x-ray can’t read through pcb … That’s why laptop have to be on separate bins with nothing on top.

PS: get pre-check if you’re flying regularly, one my best investment for flying!

PS2: the implant was a concern for me, asked about medical device the first time and neither the metal detector not the body scanner detect it …

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Thanks all, I’ll let y’all know if I run into any issues.

It will also be my first time flying since I got my NExT implant. But I don’t expect any issues with that.

@XEMON I actually just signed up for an airlines credit card, and they will reimburse me the fee for Global Entry. Only issue is, I might be moving. So Idk how long the process takes… plus idk if once I move if it’ll be a pain to switch my address around.

It took me about 3 weeks to get the interview, them 2 weeks to get my global entry card.

Pm3 is no problem for international flight, but I leave my pick set in the check-in.

Made it through. They never had me remove my laptop, that’s a first. They did end up having to scan my stuff 3 times… so I’m curious if they were looking at the pm3 or my laptop. But in the end no issues.

:man_shrugging: its a research tool, i carry a pm3 and 40000 other random bits of shit with me in my carry on never had a problem


To add to this, just flew last week Nashville to Vegas with my lock picks in my wallet and my PM3 (and various electronics) in my backpack. Zero issues with TSA. (Just some guff from a flight attendant that my 3.5 year old won’t wear his mask for a 4.5 hour flight)

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I’ve traveled far and wide with both implants and a pm3Easy. I’ve never been stopped for either. The TSA is usually much more interested in my laptop or tablet.

i tend to go with the mindset that to the untrained eye it just looks like another electronic outside of its plastic shell. you could take the mobo out of an xbox put it next to a raspi and pm3 and tell a TSA agent to guess which is the proxmark. they don’t know and nor do they care, as long as its not plugged in to a brick of c4 its none of their concern


Round 3 was a success. Went through with my PM3 and RFID Diagnostic Card, no issues…

But real reason for the bump…

@amal, any custom DT Luggage Tags out there? If not I was thing of custom ordering one somewhere, or just slapping my sticker on one. Just bought 2 new suitcases and need some luggage tags lol.