Two-factor authentication


I’m thinking about getting the VivoKey Spark 2, but it’s currently out of stock.

Will it be restocked, or is it obsolete?

The website link doesn’t work, and information on the VivoKey site is scarce. Is it still a good choice, and will it continue to work if it becomes available again?

I already have a NeXt implant in my right hand, but I’d like another one that’s compatible with two-factor authentication.

Thank you.

The whole spark platform is being re-released. For now it’s not being sold


I think you might want to consider an Apex. While the spark has some very specific usecases it is not the core focus of development at vivokey. I believe they will keep backwards compatibility with it but it won’t do much more than log you into a couple forums and serve as a backup for your Apexes.
The apex on the other hand is much more technologically advanced with the ability to run applets from a dedicated applet store. The applets include 2FA and other authentications and are much more future proof.

Unless something is in the works, but still apexes are so much better :grin:

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