Tying It All Together

I think it’d be cool to talk about different ways to tie all of our implants together in one device. I don’t mean an internal device, I mean a device that’s wearable/external/whatever else, that uses all of our implants somehow. My idea is the Super Bottlenose, and I’m thinking it could read the UKI for bitcoin info so you have a real-time bitcoin balance, it could only turn on for the UID in the xEM/xNT/FlexNT, and it could do normal Bottlenose stuff like echo location, Geiger counting (is that the right way to put that?) and whatever else the Grindhouse boys can cram into it. You guys have any ideas for devices like this? Discuss! :slight_smile:

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Love this idea! The more we can do the more we can connect together the better. As we are able to show more improvement in our daily lives and the tech becomes more integrated in society, more people will get on board. As that follows the more the tech will become usable. Hopefully it could reach an exponential growth like computers. The more in can integrate into my body the better. I am all for this. Anyway I can help let me know.

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For sure, man! I’ll definitely need more talented hands than mine to make this happen haha, so if/when we actually get around to all this, hopefully everyone involved with DT will be able to help! First though, I need magnets, the UKI, and the FlexNT to get inside me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I agree this is an idea that would be useful, not just for live balances the only thing is people will have the tags in different locations and hands are different sizes so it would need to have a removable band say like the Apple watch for example. I have the Flex in my finger but others may opt for the side of the hand by the little finger. But this does look like an idea people can work with.

Just as a rough idea would this be say a wrist attachment with a port to plug the antenna into?

one thing i’m really interested in doing as biohacker devices become more advanced, is create a biohacking data protocol/standard so these devices CAN work together… and if someone makes a new fancy wingding, if it supports the protocol, then it can also play nice with other devices… just a pipe dream at the moment but i think it will be important moving forward to ensure interop between devices, especially devices made from different manufacturers (gasp!)