U2FApplet.cap same as FIDO2

What is the best applet for testing FIDO2 ?

i try U2FApplet but got : C:\SMART CARD>gp.exe --install U2FApplet.cap
Warning: no keys given, using default test key XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
CAP loaded
INSTALL [for install and make selectable] failed: 0x6A80 (Wrong data/incorrect values in data)

Hi, the U2F applet requires specific installation parameters. See https://github.com/DangerousThings/flexsecure-applets/blob/master/docs/applets/5-u2f.md for details.

An announcement regarding FIDo2 will come soon.

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It’s a bit complicated for me. Thanks for your work, I think I’ll wait :slight_smile:

Where will the communion take place, here? on X?

We will announce changes to the the applets here on the forum.


New FIDO2 announcement: New FIDO2 Applet