Ubiquiti G4 Doorbell Pro now has "NFC"

Still too early to tell if it will be useful. Not even in EA yet… Really wish they would add the option to use a wired network. Seems the POE - USB-C adapter is just for power, not data.

Just showed up.


Sounds good. The question is how it differ from other products. The other one is how the installation look like if you want to unlock your door with nfc.

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I suspect it will require integration with their Unifi Access product.

But their door access product is targeted at companies and is supposedly going to get intercom functionality at some point.

Maybe with a networked relay of some sort or an off the shelf smart lock?

My guess is they will also release a door lock

Also, kind of interesting that Ubiquiti is getting into video doorbells for residential use

IMO it would sound pretty derpy for a company that mainly sells enterprise networking devices to make a device that can be powered by POE while not being able to connect to network via ethernet.
Someone asked if the adapter can be used for internet or just for power, Ubiquiti answered that it can be used for wired network connection

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