Uk flex implant suggestions

Right so I’ve ordered a flex implant and will be wanting to get it installed. I’ve found one place that will do it for around £200 … if thats what I’ve got to pay thats alot but fine.

Is there anywhere anyone knows of in the UK or even the EU that will go subdermal implant (flex scalpel procedure).

May have to organise a trip to Sweden at some point :wink:


@KaiCastledine probably would have a good idea.
There’s a map of there partners on there site also


Well if you want to do the scapel procedure that’s a fair price. However if you show your normal x-series installer the flex needle procedure you might have better luck. I’ll find the official hand out on it for you.


Im working today on sending out comms to the UK installer network about the new flex installation method.

We’ve got one installer who’s already willing.

Where are you based ?

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Also the new needle install will only work for certain implants due to the size. This covers most new ones, which one do you have ?

The flexEM can’t be installed using the needle technique unfortunately.


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Ah you’re correct about the FlexEM. Were launching the new needle install shortly but this wont work for the FlexEM.

The UK had some recent legal issues with performing scalpel work by a body mod so pretty much all have stopped.

We do have good contacts in germany etc and there was a group of 3 looking to travel there for the payment chip implants but it’s been put on hold due to Covid-19.