Unboxing Ultraleap 2 hand tracker and ZINC integration

I’m so exited, I just can’t hide it. My LeapMotion 2 came in today:

It has support for Unity/Android so the long term plan is to integrate it in my android cyborg multitool ZINC and bring some features like what I used to develop back at the lab:

Of course this will involve a wireless, self powered Lodestone which for now is waaay out of scope but I like the idea that one day y’all will be pressing virtual buttons with me :joy:

More seriously this tech could fix the issues stated here:

By combining the semi-decent mobile AR for large scale tracking and the good Leap Motion tracking for small scale.
I know this is all very abstract so I’ll try and make a video…


Spooky scary skeletons
Setup complete


I thought this was about to turn into

“Implantable vice tracker” lol

Implantable tracking points could be really cool if ever possible

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You should make a self-implant simulator…

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You mean magnets?

I told you there’s a LOT you can do with them

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