Underside of forearm as a location for xNT?

I’m fairly skinny so finding some spots to put things has proven to be difficult. I think that about 4 inches up from my wrist on the underside would be a decent location. I know that there are two veins that would be on either side of this location, is there anything else I should consider?

I don’t have an answer to your question, just offer that I have my spark a little more than 2" above my wrist on the top side of my arm (right in the space between the radius and ulna) the and I like that spot. Don’t quote me, but I believe there is a lot less to worry about anatomy wise on the top side an also a lot more convenient to present to door readers than having it on the inside (and by inside, I mean palm side just so there’s no confusion)


That’s what I figured as well, might reconsider the top as well. My only issue is I have a tattoo there that I think would look strange 9f it had a bulge under it

I guess it depends on your build and the thickness of your skin (literally…hah). I’m 5’9" 175 and I can’t see it at all. You can’t even make it show itself like you can when it’s in your hand It settles in nicely between the bones (assuming you place it there correctly and it doesn’t migrate after). And the most you could have is a 2mm bulge (the diameter of the xNT). Probably wouldn’t be all that noticeable even if it did create a bulge.

I think the major ptoblem is there is a lot of tendons in the area. You will probably feel it more and it could possibly irritate the sleeve of the tnedon making weird things happen if it ends up drifting at all(probably will because you cant just stop using your arm for like 2 weeks).