Unknown LF Reader

Can anyone identify this reader and/or where the sweet spot is? I could not get it to read my NExT unfortunately. I know it reads at 125khz because we use HID proximity tags at work but that’s all the information that I have.

Thanks in advance :hugs:

As a note, I did not have a field tester with me at the time. I need to start carrying one around.

No marking or anything around the edges?

Google Lens is your friend. It looks like an HID Thinline II 5395C reader.


Definitely looks like @Zwack is right.

That photo on the HID site isn’t great, doesn’t show the chamfers at the top and bottom.

Here’s a better pic:

Looks like the right reader.


Yes, I had better photos, but that is the vendor site. I can’t say for certain without buying and gutting one, ($12 used on ebay, search for HID Thinline II) but I suspect that the antenna approximately follows the groove on the front plate.

I found this ebay listing which has no cover…

The entire reader is potted so this is as good as you are going to get for the physical location of the antenna.


Nice find

This is how I would try to get a read

I personally find a slicing through action more reliable that a direct presentation


Thanks so much for your help! There were no markings and I had no idea what to do. I’ll definitely remember that google lens trick.