XEm/NEXT work access

Who here could share stories of using a LF implant for work access? XEM or NEXT

I have heard some people say they have trouble getting a scan on many work door readers. Does anyone have good luck with their work access readers?

Based on what I have seen, I currently hoping it will work with half of them.


Remember that many people will just clone their cards and use the implant, no need to go to the forum and tell everyone that this thing that should work actually worked. We often hear bad stories, but I assume there are just thousands of good stories untold.

To add to that, imagine how many people carelessly used the blue cloner, with cover on etc. Seems to be ok most times.


This is a good example of survivorship bias.

I started off having inconsistent reads when I used to simply present my implant to a reader, until I worked out a much more reliable approach.

To increase your odds of a good read

Esta tarde instalando el
Control de acceso en mi fonoporta de casa. Va genial
Puedes ver más ejemplos en esa cuenta de TikTok

(My rough) Translation for above

"This afternoon I installed Access control on my home doorphone.

It works well.

You can see more examples on that TikTok account"

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I think that the forum translates automatically :grin:

No it doesnt. Theres no button to translate. This translation feature is fucked for endless reasons.

In chrome at least (firefox probably has similar functionality) you can right click anywhere on the page and select “translate to english”

There is a plug in, that normally works, but for some reason it didn’t for that particular post.

Normally, THIS

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