Unmedical advice needed

As per 2 days ago I have an HF xLED in the L3 position.
The problem is that this chunky boy of an implant did some trauma on the insertion site tissue.

The bruising has started because i sent my last brain cells to vacation and started lifting boxes and the incision started bleeding.
There doesn’t seems to be any sign of an infection but the bruising is staying the same.

I will be seeking medical advice but till then, is there anything obviously wrong?

It’s odd that the entry point should bleed after 2 days. It almost sounds like the implant wasn’t inserted far enough. Keep an eye on it and make sure the end of the implant doesn’t start to poke through at some point.

Re the bruising: my first implant job went blue like that after 36 hours (without doing anything) and then it went bluer, and up my arm, and I lost feeling in 2 fingers - at which point I went the the ER, the doc on duty said more than likely the piercer had nicked a vein but it probably wasn’t much to worry about and sent me home. Long story short, the blueness went half-way up my arm and it took a week for the feeling to return to my fingers, and 2 weeks for the color to subside.

So I’d say keep a eye on the blueness, but don’t worry too much about it. Of course, if you feel like having it checked out, so much the better.

I’ll keep an eye, thanks.
I should have mentioned, the needle was with the pointy part down, so the insertion point is a gaping hole in the shape of a D

Yeah but it shouldn’t bleed after 2 days. It shouldn’t even bleed after 12 hours if you’re in good health, is my experience.

Sorry for my brain fart, the lifting and the bleeding was 3 hours after the procedure. The bruising formed over the night. I wasn’t clear.

Yeah 3 hours was definitely too fast :slight_smile:

Put a firm gauze wrap, or something to put pressure on it.
Slight pressure.not a ton

Keep doing that for a few days, then re check.

Side note, that is in the same location of my xSIID. I had to make sure I didn’t hit my vein, so I installed it with a tourniquet. You likely have a vein there also, and you may have nicked/punctured it, hence why it probably bled

You could tape your second and third fingers together to remind yourself that hand is out of action.

There’s potential for a flap of skin folding under itself due to the point being down and the bevel being up. Sometimes that can impede scabbing and with physical activity like lifting boxes and whatnot, it could basically continue to bleed periodically until the body figures out how to cap that hole

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Good point. Mine did that as well, but got slightly infected and healed over.

Looks fine, bruising will take few days to develop and be re-absorbed. Watch out for tense swelling, redness, heat, tracking etc.


Why did I read the heading as “unneeded medical advice”?

However looks like you got some good advice.

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Nice, so it’s slowly transitioning to yellow, so good so far.
Thanks @everybody

I read your post and knew exactly what to seach for because yay, learnings

Although I spelt my search word incorrectly as “Biliruben”

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New day, new thing to learn.

All those cool human body facts and yet this is the bit that my stupid brain will store for years;

“With dogs this can lead, in extremely rare cases, to the birth of puppies with green fur; however, the green color fades out soon after birth.”