Unsure what Chip to get

Hi there, I am looking to clone my school ID or room key onto a implant and I am currently looking at the NeXT Standard Kit to get the best of both worlds. My Student ID seems to be a HID 0009Y card and my room key is an Assa Abloy RFID Key. I’ve included pictures of them below. Would the NeXT be the right choice and would I be capable of cloning the ID’s?

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HID cards can use both 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz, in your instance it looks like 125kHz.
Assa abloy I believe use 13.56MHz.
So I would say NExT is your best option if you are going in blind.
If you were to buy the NExT, it comes with xLED 13.56Mhz & 125kHz field testers and a RFID Diagnostic Card! which you can use to figure some of that out.

Do you have access to the administrator to enroll your chips or a reader/writer?

For your student card, it looks like a low frequency HID tag which is clonable by the 125k side of the NeXT. The room key is different though. Most hotel room keys use Mifare Classic which is old and deserves to be taken out back and shot. It’s an old protocol with many documented vulnerabilities, but it’s cheap and works well enough for most people who install and use it. You’d need a flexM1 for that but I’m not sure on availability - @amal any news on the flexm1?

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Basically what @bepiswriter said.

The 000 next to the HID logo means its a 125khz proxcard. You can clone this to the xEM.

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I was planning on buying a reader/writer to clone it on my own since I imagine my administrator might be cautious to allow my implant to be enrolled

Good morning! Sorry to dreg up a year-old post but I noticed that your Student ID and my student ID are the exact same type of HID card. I was wondering if you went ahead and cloned it, and how well that worked?

Hey there! it works pretty well for the turnstiles I use to gain entry to buildings. In weaker readers like our USB ones for dining halls, I can’t get it to work on them that well. Basically the rule of thumb I’ve come up with is that if it’s an attached reader, I can get it to scan. If not, it’s hit or miss.

So great to hear! Thank you so much!!