USA contactless payment implant conversion available now

It’s the antenna. It has to be specific to the chip, and Amal only has a specific selection of them available. This one was convenient because he already had an ideal antenna.

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Also the fact that normal cards with dual interface (contact and contactless) are seriously a pain in the ass to get at the contactless antenna leads from the card. It’s technically possible but you also end up with a huge implant anyway because the entire silicon die is under the contact interface.


Do we have any information on expiry for these? I thought I saw someone claim that they were able to do a wristband with a custom expiry of 99 years later, was that ever a thing?

I’m almost certain they still have like a 3 year expiry. That’s why the website says too. Atleast purewrist

You did see it, but that was iCard buddy, not purewrist


Yeah but…


What I got from that. A 2099 card is not doable, but a 9 year expiry is doable.

That’s a serious move in terms of acceptability vs the current 3 year expiry. I’d probably pass on a 3 year card, but might would go for a 9 year. What’s the chance of PureWrist or some other company being coerced into setting it to 9 years?

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I would be pretty happy with 9 years, but by the time I get around to getting something like that there will probably be something better.

Yeah, I saw that and was thinking 9 years would be pretty spiffy. It seems unlikely you wouldn’t replace it before then anyway.

What colour leds can be added to these implants and how much do they cost for the extra work? I’ve seen people with leds added I think and they look really cool.

We used to add them but the led modules are just crap and tend to die pretty quickly after implantation.

So those typed of LEDs aren’t offered on anything anymore? I saw the flexMN and noticed the blinkies were no longer available.

They are just not reliable enough
It is a lose : lose situation.

You buy one $$
You pay for install $$
It will likely fail
You pay to get it removed $$
DT replace with their lifetime warranty $$
Damages DT reputation $$

Amal is looking at alternatives and he knows how “everybody” loves blinkies, so it is pretty much inevitable, so likely it is just a matter of time…

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Okay. It’s definitely understandable to take them off the market for the time being. Thank you for the response and I am looking forward to a new alternative if one shows up. I am one of the ones who loves the idea of the blinkies.

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You may be interested in this thread if you haven’t already seen it

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I haven’t seen that thread thank you. I’ve seen that those implants are compatible with the sentero by cyborgnest. Do you know anything about that?

there may be something of interest in these

3% fee. That’s a hard pass.


I got the implant but the best i get is “cannotprocess”
Card activated and loaded with money. Kf i remove the money i get a “declined”
Yes its upgraded and i have tried it on many readwrs most i dont get anything, the ones i do get a read
, I get “cannot process” or without money on the card i get “declined”

Any ideas