Usage and Position of first 2 Devices

It is done!
I can even read them through the bandages a little!
I’m so excited!
Happy cyborg noises


One of us, one of us


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Thank you!

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So, this is perfect! I’m using my NExT’s UID with a “,m” at the beginning of the string as my domain password now. It meets the requirements of upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters. I’ve plans to build one of the Adafruit/Leonardo devices to accommodate the whole password at some point, but this is a fantastic work-around for now!
I’m so happy!


Note… read and write range is going to be great for about 2 days. then it is going to plummet and you are going to think you broke it from playing with it so much. Dont fret. its just swelling. Give it some time (2-3 weeks) and it will return to great range.

Also if you are worried about the little buggers migrating a bit, you can tape a popsicle stick to the side of them to hold them in place. if you have access to a 3d printer myself and some other members have started making little tools to assist in maintaining proper locations.

2mm Implant Helper Slim larger.stl (53.9 KB)


I appreciate this. I definitely would have freaked. The reads on my NExT are great right now, but the xSIID is already tricky to get in just the right spot to read and write to.

My Xsiid is tricky as well when reading from my phone. youll get used to it. Phone cases are my biggest issue with reads. ive gone through great lengths to resolve it as i really like my phone case.


Are you the user who I saw put an extra antenna in your phone case? If so, can you tell me about that?
To what lengths hast thou gone? Extending the range of my phones NFC sounds dreamy.

Edit: I actually see the link to your store in your profile. The NFC Amplifier sounds very interesting!

A few of us have done it, in just trying to make it easier.

So far I’ve learned PCB design just to increase the range of my NFC antenna in the phone case… All because I like my case and my implants…

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I can totally get behind this reasoning. I think I’m in the same boat. :robot_cyborg: :sailboat:

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i have a few resonant circuits made up. DM me and ill send you one.


So, interesting. I got my implants installed yesterday, and my NExT let me in the building this morning at work, and I got so excited. However, most of the readers on the interior doors to other secure areas of the building are not seeing my NExT at all. I forgot to bring my keychain, so I’m going to do that next, but it looks like we have a mix of reader brands here. The ones labeled HID have no problem finding my implant. The ones labeled CardKey don’t see my NExT at all.
I tested all the readers at work with a cloned card I made with the Proxmark before getting my install done, and the cloned card works everywhere, and at a pretty good distance from the readers.
I’m confused!

The outside reader is likely an HID Proxpro.

Looks like this?

These are nice units. High power. Look at that coil

Interior units are likely something smaller with a different field area or go into a lower power mode.

Try finding different orientations to present. Perpendicular to the coil is best.


The one inside reader that can see me looks just like that. The outside readers are marked HID but are about a third of the size of the one in your picture. Those also work well.

The ones that aren’t seeing me (but work great with cloned cards), look JUST LIKE the HID in the photo, but they are marked CardKey instead of HID.

I’m really hoping that as I heal, the read range gets better and all the work readers will see me. I’ll bring my keychain next time I’m at this facility next week. I’ll be going to the other facility tomorrow and see what results I get there. I want them all to work, tho!

I am willing to bet they are just lower power. like 5-12v. These HID readers operate on 12-24v and are just beasts of machines. I have a Maxiprox and a R90 and they are GIANORMOUS. the coil on it is just incredible. But with it comes extreme costs, i think the Maxiprox is like 1,000$ new. Those Cardkey readers are probably around 10$, lower power, smaller antenna.

General reccomendation is to wait a couple weeks before getting too perturbed about read range.

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I am an anxious cyborg.

I will wait.
I will bring my keychain.
I will still complain.

Thank you for the awesome explanation @Hamspiced . I love the knowledge in this community, and I’m so happy to be “one of us” now. I want to learn all the things.


Slowly trying to move towards a collective consciousness…

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It will, you are a fresh little cyborg

That I can’t guarantee, but your chance will improve.

Indeed this :point_up:

Haha, you are definately not the first…or the worst