USB or Arduino Comparable iso15693 Reader?

This might be a silly question, but I would like to use my implant to do thinks like open doors and the like utilizing the serial on my Vivokey Spark however it is iso15693 and it looks like most readers, that specifically mention it, are iso 14443 like the ACR1252U NFC reader. Will these work or is there something else I should be looking for?

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it’s not a silly question… vivokey is working on hardware specifically for vivokey products… namely, a vivokey access control module.


Awesome! Will the Access Control Module be a hackable product or it’s own ecosystem? Also to confirm, other NFC/RFID readers will not work. Correct?

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Well, it will be designed to be sold in module form so people can integrate it into their own projects… if that’s what you mean. The security options for use with VIvoKey will hopefully not be “hackable”… but time will tell on that front.

That depends entirely on those other readers. There are ISO15693 devices that will read the Spark’s UID and that’s all that is required for those devices, so yes they will work with the Spark… it’s just not secure. The point for us though is that we will not worry about supporting those other devices because our approach is to be more like Apple where all VivoKey devices work together seamlessly. If you want to use a VivoKey implant with another device, it’s up to you to sort out.

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