Using a URL Shortener to change Xsiid URL

Hey so I wanted to share my use case and how I have been using my implant.

I happen to have a case that severely impacts reading and writing to my Xsiid. As a result I can’t add easily rewrite to the chip without taking the case off.

I constantly like to change the functions of it so it is kinda a pain.

Knowing that URL Shorteners have different functions other than just URL shortening I tested out a bunch that also allows me to maintain the original URL but change the destination of the URL.

I recently posted this on Reddit but I figured I’d write it up here as well.

I use and their app and this allows me to instantly change the destination URL.

So, basically I setup an account. Once you make an account you’re essentially assigned a unique ID in the domain space.

through there I added a new URL. In the editing section under basic editing I labeled the title “Xsiid” and I made the slug “xsiid”. Slug is the section after “gy” in the URL.

So now we have:

For Original URL I change it to whatever I want. I usually alternate between a Blinq URL for my business card, my Venmo address, the server dude vcard URL from the forums here and a Rick roll video URL

How my use case can help with you all.

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I have something similar, but with my own URL Shortener (based on YourLS).
My implant has a short URL I control.

And I can change the destination of the link to whatever I want using API calls (using the fantastic HTTP Request Shortcuts app).