Using a wearable for payments

I’m sure this topic has come up 1 million times already but I wanted to ask directly see if I’m missing anything here. I currently have the Dangerous things magic ring, which I utilize for my 961T Schlage access panel- the magic ring is definitely a winner by the way, just in case anyone was considering ordering one. I have other various Chinese rings, but none of them are magic rings, which you’d need for a secured fob like the Schlage.

Moving on though, I happened to come across this product today…

Am I missing anything here? Is there truly no way to use any of my credit cards contactless on either a ring or another wearable? And then again, maybe my way of thinking is completely misconstrued because I’m trying to do this in a “world dominated” by Apple Pay- and there’s now way to do it? As I understand when you are making a payment at a merchant your only two options are Apple pay or Google pay.

I don’t want to use my clunky phone - to use the ring would be pretty damn cool! However as we all know, your device authenticates you before it will do the handshake over NFC. So I’m assuming for any wearable to authenticate you prior to the transaction, it would need to be connected to your smart phone? There goes my ring idea. So What am I missing here? Is there a specific dual ship out there that would both handle the high frequency side of the NFC payment and handshake authentication with my device? Or is this just not possible yet. Clearly they have some things out there because of this MasterCard wearable and then there’s the Fido option that I still haven’t quite understood yet. Thoughs?

Hey, there’s a lot to unpack here and I’m sure other people can answer some of it. Couple questions though:

I presume you’re in the US since you linked the purewrist?

Does it need to be a ring, or are you also interested in implants?

If you really want a ring, we’re very close to the public launch of the Apex Ring which will handle payment and lots of other stuff.

If you don’t want to wait I could help you make a custom payment ring, if you’re willing to deal with fiddly bullshit.

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Have a look at

Connects to Fidesmo-pay to use the Curve-Solution

I am in the US and doesn’t necessarily be a ring, could be a other wearable I suppose. But I don’t think I’m ready for implant yet… haha. Rings are preferred because I don’t them off as often, like i would a watch, ect. I have a Jakcom 5 ($39), which has 6 RFID cards on it. So far I’m only storing an NTAG 216 on that one. For me the ultimate ring would be be able to do contactless payments, utilize the same chipsets as the magic ring herer on DG, and still have room for a a couple more like a MF Classic and a NTAG. Then again, that’s a lot to ask for and I’m fine wearing more than one ring. :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me check out that Apex ring, I’ll go run a quick search on it. Making a custom payment ring though? That sounds badass- elaborate on the “fiddily” part though…ha. I’m def open to this. But if the other stuff you having coming out like the Apex you speak of has more options/better functionality, I’d likely wait.

That being said, if someone said they could build me a custom ring now, and I can throw a few CC’s on there? Oh I’m game.

That apex ring very cool! THANK YOU for making a size 13 (like damn, somebody finally…lol) If you told me that it would store my payment cards, had Mifare Magic chip, and a T555 chip, I’d likely pre-order one tomorrow. If it does not have a magic chip- then for me, the ring is only worth its weight in the “payment” portion, and then I would divert back the custom option. I have 3 access control rings now, but only my DG one has a magic chip, and I’ve never seen another that does. Let me know, I’d likely be interested in just the custom payment ring!

Thank you! heading there next!

Just got done looking at this one. I appreciated the transparency of this site. My issue with this ring is that it’s only MC/VISA, but that part isn’t the deal breaker for me, what is is this part,

“Payment with the PAGO is possible everywhere where credit cards are accepted. Up to 50€ without PIN and from 50€ with PIN”.

and this part…

" For payments over 50€ you have to enter the PIN, just like with a MasterCard itself"

Entering a pin would be super annoying and another step in the authentication process. I want the ring to do it’s handshake with my device, and be placed back to the payment reader- and “cha-ching”

Sad too… because that blue ring of theirs, best colored smart ring I’ve seen yet. uh!

Yeah, unfortunately that’s too much to pack onto one ring, at least commercially. Maybe with a custom ring, although it would be a bit of work on your part.

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