Using Built in NFC on laptop for login

Hi, I’m trying to setup my computer to unlock using its built in NFC reader and my spark2 since its the only implant I have that currently works.

I can read my spark out of the box and it prompts me to accept info and when I click on it it takes me to my vivokey profile.

Currently I use the KBR1 reader and it works fine but I would rather be able to use the existing built in one for when I’m out and about.

I tried using the ISLOG software but I wasnt able to get it to work. It said my pc did not have a NFC reader[it does]

My hardware:
A Lenovo ThinkPad X240
The reader asit appears in the device manager is labeled as:
Proximity Devices
NFC Proximity Provider
And its specs are:

Anyone have any ideas how to get it to work? I’m All out of them.

From what I remember, integrated NFC readers built into many laptops and tablets typically are not PC/SC enabled… so there are drivers and registry edits needed to enable PC/SC support so Windows can see it as a “normal” smartcard reader. I have no idea if this is the case with Lenovo… but to find out if it works that way, definitely check device manager to see that it shows up under Smart Card Readers.


Next open a command line prompt and type certutil -scinfo to list smart card readers the OS sees:


You should see your reader listed… and if you have your tag placed on the reader while you issue that command you should also see the the card marked as SCARD_STATE_PRESENT and the ATR for your card.

If you don’t see your NFC reader listed when you issue certutil -scinfo then you may need updated or special drivers or settings to get your integrated NFC reader to function as a PC/SC compliant reader.


So it doesn’t show up as a smart card reader.
But it does as
Proximity Devices
NFC Proximity Provider

It is made by broadcom, any pointers to where I cna find more about the required drivers or registry edits needed?

Unfortunately no, but Lenovo support may be able to help. The only documentation I found that spoke about this was for IBM Thinkpads, but now I can’t find it again (of course)