Using NFC to unlock android

Any one managed to get the pixel 2 xl to unlock using NFC implant

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Google removed the ability to unlock Android devices with Smart Lock a couple years ago. There are apps that emulate a lock screen and allow you to unlock using NFC, but they are unsecure and most likely have a heavy impact on your battery along with many bugs. As far as I know, the only way to enable native NFC unlocking is to root your phone and edit certain files to trick your device into thinking it has already registered an NFC device, and I’m uncertain as to whether that even still works. Might be worth a shot though if you have some rooting/flashing experience and really want the functionality. Here’s a tutorial(not sure how outdated it is):


It was working fine on my phone till android 10 came out now I can no matter what I do get to work

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When Google removed the feature from Android in previous versions, they allowed those of us with stored NFC tags to keep the feature… but if you ever reset your phone then that feature would be disabled. With Android 10 they just flatly removed it completely. Dicks.

That’s exactly what happened with me
And it seems I cant find a good app for itc

Unless you use Xposed Framework, which I don’t think has been updated to work with Android10, then there isn’t any way to get it back. Also the only reason I haven’t rooted the last 2 phones I’ve had.

Just a quick edit; May be able to use Magisk but I’ve no experience with it

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