Using NFC to unlock android

Any one managed to get the pixel 2 xl to unlock using NFC implant

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Google removed the ability to unlock Android devices with Smart Lock a couple years ago. There are apps that emulate a lock screen and allow you to unlock using NFC, but they are unsecure and most likely have a heavy impact on your battery along with many bugs. As far as I know, the only way to enable native NFC unlocking is to root your phone and edit certain files to trick your device into thinking it has already registered an NFC device, and I’m uncertain as to whether that even still works. Might be worth a shot though if you have some rooting/flashing experience and really want the functionality. Here’s a tutorial(not sure how outdated it is):


It was working fine on my phone till android 10 came out now I can no matter what I do get to work

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When Google removed the feature from Android in previous versions, they allowed those of us with stored NFC tags to keep the feature… but if you ever reset your phone then that feature would be disabled. With Android 10 they just flatly removed it completely. Dicks.


That’s exactly what happened with me
And it seems I cant find a good app for itc

Unless you use Xposed Framework, which I don’t think has been updated to work with Android10, then there isn’t any way to get it back. Also the only reason I haven’t rooted the last 2 phones I’ve had.

Just a quick edit; May be able to use Magisk but I’ve no experience with it


With the development, Android phone put more on the safety, and unlock screen lock without password becomes more and more difficult now, the most effective method is still original screen password, or the third-part tool Eelphone Android Unlock, remove Samsung screen lock without losing data, but other Android phone will lose data after using the tool to remove screen lock.

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I spent the last 48-72 hours crawling down the android rabbit hole once I found out some beautiful soul had discovered a root option for the SM-G950U v7 bootloader using Nougat. Essentially I had to rewrite the NfcNci.apk but since I’m working with the locked bootloader I have to save the old apk and the new apk to the SD card and use Tasker to essentially swap them out at boot and at shutdown. Leaving the modded apk in the system folder during reboot/shutdown prevents it from working. From there I just needed to setup Tasker to unlock the phone. The only thing is the native Tasker NFC feature isn’t working with the Spark 2. It looks like it’s grabbing different keys everytime I scan or it just wants to open the profile instead of simply unlocking the phone.


Does tasker use the ndef url on the chip or the chip UID? If it uses the ndef url programmed to the chip then yes it will change every time it’s scanned. It has a cmac signature appended to the profile URL which updates with a counter value each time.

Not sure if it was because I was using a few different Tasker plugins while testing but I assume the multiple resets finally fixed something so it is grabbing the UID consistently now (I believe). It is scanning with the screen off but the Spark 2 programming kicks in and opens the link rather than unlocking my phone. Not a terrible inconvenience for me personally as this chip is in my forearm and the two I plan to use are not installed yet (NExT & xDF2).

I may play around with it in the future to see if I can get it working but it would only ever be a backup in case due to the discreet location. It’s also been in for just over a week so I don’t want to mess with it too much right now.

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Of course the answer comes to me after I get sleep. Default App selection.

So once I cleared those I was able to select Tasker as the default application to use with the Spark 2. This doesn’t affect my ability to verify in the Vivokey App. If I want access to the profile link I can most likely reconfigure this in Tasker but I think I will leave it alone for now since I could program my phone to do other things with it.

Since my NFC ring still worked without selecting a default app, I assume this is restricted to the Spark 2 and most likely the Apex but I will have to wait to test that.


This App stopped working with Android 10. I heard it before I made the update. I must also say, the App has some bugs, you should also set the passwort. The app is called:

“Smart pass nfc lock”

I use it since september 2017


Looks nice but since I fly a decent amount for work I need to use airplane mode which this app does not support according to the Play Store info.

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This works :slight_smile:
I fly also often and I unlocked the phone durig the flight.

I use the phone to make pictures from the food or the sky during the flight - I also make some clips. Its works with this app.

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So, I’m a complete noob with most tech but I hate not being able to do what I see as logical solutions to making my life easier so I try and find workarounds.

Most of the time I don’t understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’ but trial and error to find a solution.

I’ve never rooted a phone before but I’m using a Pixel3 with Android 12 and so not exactly worried about voiding the warranty anymore. Can anyone with a few more brain cells than me see any reason why the instructions in the link above wouldn’t work to allow me to unlock my phone using my implant?

I’d rather not go through the learning curve to find out it was never going to work in the first place.