Using Proxmark3 Easy to clone an elite iclass card

I’ve got an iclass legacy card that is coded with an elite key. I was able to extract the key using a loclass attack, so so far so good.

However, I’ve got a blank iclass card coded with the standard legacy keys. Is there a way I can use the proxmark3 to change key on the card? I’m able to restore the .bin file from my elite card to my non-elite card, but only by using the key currently on the non-elite card. Of course the reader then cannot read the card, since its using the wrong key.

Looking through the help file, dont see anything. Have not flashed with iceman, but could do if this is easier.


After reading the papers on this format, I’ve realized that I can just use calcnewkey, then overwrite block 3 with new key, and then it’ll be correctly keyed.

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