UV tattoos and borging up

I have powder and shitty clear resin…

I could maybe :thinking:

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They already sell that stuff :wink:

I’m not sure about the quality of the resin itself, because I don’t know anything about 3d printing, but maybe it’s interesting for you :slight_smile:

You usually do anyways - for piercings, bodymods and I think tattoos as well. Germany is pretty strict on such things, and if you don’t sign such a waiver, you could later sue the artist for bodily harm. Plus, you sign that you were informed about all the possible risks (and the list is impressive :smile: ), that you’re free of blood-borne diseases, didn’t do drugs or alcohol before, you state your allergies and all that, and for some piercings they even ask if you have a surgery planned in the forseeable future. So, yeah, German bureaucracy at its best. And sadly enough, it’s neccessary - several artists told me about customers trying to sue them when something went wrong (even when it was the customer’s fault, like stupidly bad aftercare and such, or things that just happen sometimes, like fading tattoos or inflammated piercings).

Thank you :slight_smile: :unicorn_love:
Let’s see how they develop - I plan on reworking the lines at least once or twice, but I plan to let it “heal” a few days or maybe weeks before.


Yikes, and also yikes… I’ve looked at Germany a couple of times but I think that those little things about the culture would drive me up the walls. But on the other hand, no country is perfect and I grew up in one that’s probably far worse in many ways.

Those tattoos look amazing! You did a great job and I love that you’ve been successful with the glow in the dark ink project, everything in this thread looks awesome!


wrote a whole thing getting pointlessly into the weeds… then deleted it lol
I don’t support frivolous stuff… but if someone messes up badly in a way that could of or should have easily prevented… I support consequences or the ability for someone wronged to try to make a situation right



Totally agree! Every single artist should always work cleanly and carefully, that’s the minimum requirement. If things get messed up seriously, like, popular example, people getting blind from sclera tattoos, there should - and will - be consequences.
If an artist does shitty work, he should have to bear those consequences (though since a lot of that work is legally grey, the consequences are usually “only” a really bad reputation… but this goes a long way).

Then there is this “middle ground”, so to say - some piercings are sometimes hard or nearly impossible to do, depending on your anatomy. So my usual piercer offers to “try” it out, if the customer wants it, with the option of re-piercing it if it’s not perfectly straight after the first try (or for example my bodmod artist who clearly told me that my finger was tight for the Titan, and that it might grow out, asking me afterwards if I was still willing to risk it). I think that’s fair, as long as everything is clearly communicated. Problem is that a lot of customers I experienced want that respective bodymod so much that they ignore such warnings and feel disappointed afterwards…

Another thing to remember is that bodymods are a wound at least, sometimes close to surgery (scalpel, sutures…), so there is always stuff that can go wrong that the artist can’t be held responsible for. Really bad aftercare is one of the examples, I have seen things you people wouldn’t believe (insert Rutger Hauer voice here)… or for example me and my cartilage piercings - I love them, I know they were done in a sterile environment following best practice, and yet they were bitchy as fuck because I sometimes turned to the wrong side when sleeping. And I think it’s not fair to say “well, my ear piercing is red and swollen, the piercer must have done something wrong” :wink:

On the other hand there are artists who do great work, have all happy customers and yet get sued and go to jail… but that might be too much of a derail here.


Hi - I’ve been following this thread with interest - @Coma how have the tattoos held up over the last year? Have they faded at all and have you noticed any side effects from the ink at all?

Also interested, but didn’t want to be the thread-necromancer :grin:

This is a cyborg forum, come on! Derail away! It’s our tradition after all.


I’m interested in how the scarification has healed. I’ve been rereading the derailment thread and just got passed the mark where you stopped with the lemon sugar scrub.

Have you had to get any of it touched up?

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Has anyone found a good micronized glow powder that’s available in the US? This seems promising, albeit only sold in bulk: A9-1025-WB A9-1025-WB 10-25 MICRON AQUA PHOTOLUMINESCENT/GLOW IN THE DARK WATERBASED PIGMENTS, but I haven’t found any others that are both a fine powder and water-safe.

Since I’m around anyway… :smile:

They didn’t. I’m pretty sad, but all the glowy is gone by now… I think I can kinda re-animate it a bit with a UV flashlight, but it’s barely visible at all.
I’m unsure if the ink (+ pigments) just got pushed out (more likely) or if the pigments broke up inside my body (less likely, and not a nice thought… but possible). Since the second idea is possible, I didn’t re-do them yet, but I’m still thinking about solutions for this problem. If it’s just about the glow, I know that @mrln had some really cool ideas with glowy stuff inside a glass tube, dunno how far they have come with that idea :wink:

My second one? Healed very well, so it’s relatively subtle, but I love the looks of it - the lines are very light, and they are less hypertrophic than those on my chest, but they rise a bit when I stretch my arm, and I really like that :smile:


Getting some strong Aeon Flux vibes from that, looks really cool.