VCard questions

So I’ve heard that iphones can’t read vcards off of ndef, but I’ve seen people load “apple vcards” and have those work. Could I just use an iPhone to write the apple vcard, use my phone to write the one for Android, and would the phones automatically read the right vcard?

Apple uses normal vcards, there is no way to save a contact from NFC on apple devices. Only URLs will work.

Ah okay

shameless plug: use and store a client side encrypted vcard there

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I will try it

Just as a reminder: while Android seems better than iOS with respect to vCards, remember that Android devices recognizing the text/vcard mimetype out of the box is totally accidental, not part of the NDEF standard per se, and entirely at the mercy of Google’s whim if they decide to kill the feature tomorrow.

You’d think it’s so useful (and used) that they’d never do it. But remember NFC Smart Unlock: that too was widely used and spawned a cottage industry of unlocking wristbands and rings (and implants). Yet Google killed it, because Google decided it. No reasons given. Nobody’s opinion was requested. They just did it.

The same could happen to NFC vCards tomorrow. And then overnight Android would become as useful as a brick, like iOS.



I do a microsite with all hobbie links, with vfcard, I put this urls inside my xSii, and a business microsite in Spark2
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I have a VFcard inside too

Very true, however unlikely. The reason is, NFC unlock messed with Google Pay and the screen lock / pay system and instead of working out the issue the devs just axed it. It got in the way of making money collecting data about people’s spending patterns with Google Pay. vCard support isn’t likely going anywhere because Google wants that data yo… they gonna keep all pathways to collecting all your contact info for everyone you know wide open. Follow the money.




Here’s my usual line of thought on the url vcards

Are you often outside of civilization where there is no cellphone signal or wifi… but you also need to share your context details from your implant?

I can’t remember the last time I was without internet of some kind, even when backpacking, I’ve still had signal 90% of the time

And the times I am outside of the signal… I’m probably not meeting new people, so it’s a none issue for me


That’s not the issue.

The issue is: why make a few bytes go the round trip around the internet - and feed data to the various internet sumbitches in the business of feeding off your data - when those few bytes can go directly from your implant to the person’s addressbook?

Or to use an analogy: when you start your car, do you turn on the ignition or do you call someone on the phone to do it for you? After all, when was the last time you went somewhere without cellphone coverage: it’s okay right?

Self-hosted NFC data is a choice of common sense over needlessly complicated dataflow schemes, and pushing back against the ubiquitous data collection that comes with almost any trivial computing task nowadays.

Although if I’m honest, the latter is a losing battle: once your vCard is on the recipient’s cellphone, more likely than not, they’ll sync it up on their fucking Google account on the cloud or something - and then you’ve lost the game anyway. On top of that, I bet my silly car starting analogy probably happens already. Still, it’s a losing battle but it’s still worth fighting I reckon…

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In order to use your new car with Microsoft Automotive you now need to use the key, and then approve the MFA on the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone. (Ok, this isn’t true… YET)

(Microsoft probably don’t like me because we persuaded our management to turn the “alternate authenticators” option on where you can configure any TOTP app for authentication, so I now authenticate with an offline TOTP device, rather than install their app on my phone)

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Ask Apple.

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