Vehicle Access with xEM AC


Is there any type of guide for hooking up a spare vehicle remote to the xEM Access Controller for simple locking and unlocking a car?


There is not, at least not at this time. The basics depend on what you want to do and how your remote works.If you just want to unlock the car, it’s fairly easy. The xEM Access Controller outputs 12v on the white wire for as long as an authorized tag is presented to the antenna coil. Tie that to a simple low power reed relay (with a protection diode) and then tie the switched connections of the relay to the unlock button of the remote. That way, when you pass an authorized tag over the xEM Access Controller’s antenna coil, the relay closes and simulates a button press of the unlock button on the remote (shorts the button contacts). If your remote requires two unlock button presses to unlock all doors, then swipe twice… simple as that.

If you want to do more than that, then things get a bit more complicated, and depend entirely on how your remote functions.


Is this what you did for your vehicle @amal?


Yep. I also used a flip-flop IC and two relays once to toggle between lock and unlock… but flip-flops are hard to come by these days for some reason.