VeriChip: The FDA Approved Biohack

Also, what Proxmark and antenna are you using? The stock ones don’t couple well with small cylindrical antennas, and the extra thickness of the acrylic(?) keyring could be enough to ruin your day.

RDV4 and yeah the stock antenna. I’ll give it a try with the implant LF antenna and see if I have any better luck.

Speaking of that, I meant to ask you: is the xG3 coated?

Sorry it’s OT, I didn’t think it was worth opening a new thread just for that.

Pretty confident the xBT is the only coated DT implant. The xG3 isn’t as far as I remember.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the xG3 isn’t coated (who would want a coated implant in their fingertip) but I wanted definite confirmation before implanting it in a muscle.

No it’s not coated. The VeriChip really did need something to stop migration because they put it into the muscle, which is full of independent moving and gliding and intermittently contracting bundles of muscle tissue. Subdermal human implants in the fascia don’t tend to move around much in most people after encapsulation.

The xBT has an anti-migration cap because it’s designed for horses… but it will soon be discontinued for another way cooler product coming down the pipe…


Ooh thats good to know, only reason I havnt gotten a xBT is because of the cap.

A temperature chip would be wonderful especially in a post covid world and not having to fuck around with a thermometer. Look forward to seeing what you go for us.


Oh really? I was just talking in the discord about maybe getting another xBT so it would read more accurately. Suppose I can wait for something cooler though… :wink:

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Especially one that can be read with a smartphone :wink:

Nxp have some awesome new stuff just saying that there is alot of flexibility with some of the chips (I dont work for DT) :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you considering possibly producing an NFC injectable temperature chip? I would be interested… :wink:


The only reason I don’t have an xBT is because it seems useful in a small amount of scenarios. If we could get one to read off a common device, I’d absolutely get one.

I second that. I find my xBT useful, but it’d be 100x more useful if I could take my temperature with a cellphone anywhere without lugging my SureSense around.

yep would love the hf temp sensor that can be read by a phone, even better if it dont need a special app just gives a txt value back.

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Ya’ll read my write-up, right? :wink:


Yeah definitely, I apologise for getting a little off topic but I had been wondering about that Florida family. Sad to hear that the son passed away, I remember the dad having a lot of health issues and that was their prime motivation for wanting his medical information easily accessible.

Yes within minutes of it being up, well written and thorough

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Ha, I know I’m just giving you all a hard time. You’re fine :slight_smile:

haha sorry for the bit of a derail there.

all I can say at this time is that we are exploring NFC sensor platforms, which include temperature.


Ah no worries, y’all are fine! Excited to see what you have in store though so count me in!

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