VeriChip: The FDA Approved Biohack

Did a write-up for the VeriChip scanner and implant that I recently received! Was a fun little exploration into one of the early RFID implants


Did you properly prostrate them for claiming up and down their chips were secure? Man the CEO Scott whateverthefuck should be burnt at the stake for that bold faced lie… bastard.


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Oh, interesting, I actually hadn’t come across those claims in reading up on them, but I’m not at all surprised. It seemed they claimed a lot and didn’t deliver near. Brochure-ware at best a vapor at worst.

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Well @Backpackingvet, first they lie in interview after interview about how secure the chip is when it’s not at all secure. Then they help promote the idea that it’s an “anti-kidnapping chip” for a bunch of Mexican political officials (they still get kidnapped anyway) which starts the idea that these are somehow tracking chips. Then in their death throes they try to convince the US government to force chip captive audiences like prisoners and migrant workers. Fuck them.


I’d really like to track down someone who had one installed and do a case study. If they were willing of course. It would be so interesting to ask them how they feel about the decision now and if they had it removed etc etc.

Might be tough… I think only about 2000 people had it put in, including Kari Byron if I’m not mistaken (myth busters), but anyway some of them were interviewed and gave names.

I’ve heard of a couple removals of VeriChip. Sucks. Antimigration caps on the chips and placement deep into tricep muscle makes removal a whole thing… almost not worth removing for all the scar tissue and muscle damage

Oh, yeah I’m sure it’d be tough to find anyone willing to speak. I had started to look into the family in Florida but the son passed away awhile back so I’d rather not bother them. I’ll have to check into Kari though. I totally forgot that they had a segment on Mythbusters about chips and blood donations.

That BioBond and the placement just makes it wicked to try and remove. So invasive. What sucks is the implant is basically useless. I can’t even get my Prox to pickup the test keychain and nothing but a pet reader is going to be able to scan it.

I shipped a verichip keychain and reader to iceman… he integrated it, or is going to anyway… what firmware you got?

Latest Iceman build from a week or so ago. I’ll have to double check there’s a chance I coulda missed it though.

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Also, what Proxmark and antenna are you using? The stock ones don’t couple well with small cylindrical antennas, and the extra thickness of the acrylic(?) keyring could be enough to ruin your day.

RDV4 and yeah the stock antenna. I’ll give it a try with the implant LF antenna and see if I have any better luck.

Speaking of that, I meant to ask you: is the xG3 coated?

Sorry it’s OT, I didn’t think it was worth opening a new thread just for that.

Pretty confident the xBT is the only coated DT implant. The xG3 isn’t as far as I remember.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure the xG3 isn’t coated (who would want a coated implant in their fingertip) but I wanted definite confirmation before implanting it in a muscle.

No it’s not coated. The VeriChip really did need something to stop migration because they put it into the muscle, which is full of independent moving and gliding and intermittently contracting bundles of muscle tissue. Subdermal human implants in the fascia don’t tend to move around much in most people after encapsulation.

The xBT has an anti-migration cap because it’s designed for horses… but it will soon be discontinued for another way cooler product coming down the pipe…


Ooh thats good to know, only reason I havnt gotten a xBT is because of the cap.

A temperature chip would be wonderful especially in a post covid world and not having to fuck around with a thermometer. Look forward to seeing what you go for us.


Oh really? I was just talking in the discord about maybe getting another xBT so it would read more accurately. Suppose I can wait for something cooler though… :wink:

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Especially one that can be read with a smartphone :wink:

Nxp have some awesome new stuff just saying that there is alot of flexibility with some of the chips (I dont work for DT) :stuck_out_tongue: