Verifone terminal

Hello y’all,

I got my hands on a cheap electronics lot containing a veriforce POS terminal.

Anyone manage to use the veriforce terminal, or any POS terminal, as a reader?
Ideally I’d like to run it and pull card data (contactless, stripe and chip) to a text document. Adding touch screen data would be awesome too :grin:

Anyway, anyone messed with those and got anywhere?


Post photos!

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@Satur9 has palayed pull-aparty-possy-machiney

He may have some ideas for you

You shall receive:

My kind of possy!
Same model, I’ll go through it and see where I want to go from there :+1:

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I think you need a “site controller” to communicate with the device and negotiate with the payment networks over the internet.

Here’s this if it’s relevant to your interests.

I honestly don’t think they make very good readers in their intended application, nevermind for implants, but you do you.

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Thanks for the link, Ill have to dive into it a bit more but there seam to be lots of good info :+1:

I absolutely agree with you, I’m mostly interested in the magstripe and chip reader :yum:

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I was so confused hahaha verifone … now it all makes sense… I was like holy shit what a terminal name! VeriFORCE ASSEMBLE!


Way cooler than our (NZ) Windcave

Which marketing idiot came up with that idea?
And which idiot approved it?



Interesting button mashing


Ok … you sent me down a rabbit hole :yum:

I didnt imagine there would be so much info publicly available everywhere :exploding_head:

I did manage to find the admin password for the device, and lots of good documentation.
I do have the mini and expanded backs for it so ill have to play with it.
Now its time to connect to the network and see what i can get out of it …

I an make a thread somewhere if people are interested

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I work in the POS industry. I tested the contactless function with my xSIID. Didn’t do much else, though. Let me know if you need info on the device itself. :slight_smile:



Hello @XEMON
Pls I will like to request for some personal assistance due to one of your post 2 days ago,where you’re asking questions about pulling data for contactless,chip or stripe related issues.

Actually,I don’t have such problem yet but soon to have same kind of problem,but before that I would like to ask questions about pulling data that could be used for trading “money data”or pulling data that is one or the other way related to payment stored on a chip sectors,

either for virtual debit/credit card or e-gift cards

some people even said some data could be pull/traded for wire transfer information or even stocks.

while it’s my first time knowing about the MifareClassic card 1k and all programming related stuffs

Firstly,I will like to know if all this is true and secondly,I will like to be enlightened about the specific type of programming language knowledge I need to learn for treating such datas

And I will like to know if it’s advisable to find professionals developers to handle such on my behalf?
Even though I was previously advised not to try such since it could be easier for anyone to stole/initiate illegal payment using my migrate card.

You might be wondering where I could have gotten such payment card but it was included in a contract between me and some large firms which I would like to have more knowledge about before reaching a final agreement,hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks for giving it a go with the glassie, and a huge tha k’s for the offer, I’ll definitely be pestering you :yum:

I would be surprised if any payment option are using mifare 1K …

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do nor what chipset you have. Can you put it on a proxmark or tag info?

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It’s consist of 16 different sectors of GO keys,do you think this is ready for payment conversions?

What does the full scan screen show?

Actually what do all the other screens show? I need to see the extra screen as well.

Getting that to you won’t be a problem but won’t be right away,I will have to do that during the week since I’m using a phone friend for the scan,I’ll get back to you during the week.

TagInfo is avaliable on both Android and Apple…unless you don’t have a phone (I can respect that)

Does that one card allow travel on all of those once you load money local currency on it?

Apple won’t read much besides pure NFC tags.
Just tried it on a hotel key to confirm and it never acknowledges a card is there.

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Pls I have one more question for a different nfc tag,what type of tag does has different tag ID on every single scan?