Vespa key chip cloning/reading

i am running a proxmark3 (iceman) with ProxSpace 3.10

i am trying to read my vespa key and not getting anything,
tried “lf search” , “hf search” , and “auto”

is the proxmark not capable of reading/cloning chips found in motorcycles/scooters ?

thank you and all the best

might be UHF, which is active tech (needs a battery) and thus wont work for implants

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thank you yeka, i am not trying to implant anything, i am just looking to read the chip key code and clone it to another key.
the key itself doesnt seem to have a battery, it is not a keyfob, just a key that gets read via keyring at the ignition.

Some of those keys just use specific resistors in the key. Others use different chips. Most automotive keys are specialised and not capable of being cloned with a Proxmark3.

Automotive key programmers are available for locksmiths but are significantly more expensive. It would be cheaper to just get one key made.

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thank you for chiming in!
thats rather unfortunate because its the only reason i bought a proxmark : (

oh well, live and learn

thank you and all the best

There are professional cloners used by locksmiths for vehicle keys, they are significantly more expensive than the proxmark3.

it’s never too late to get a chip, then your pm would have a use :wink: