Video from Briar Prestidge mentions Dangerous Things website

I was browsing YouTube tonight, and came across this video from Briar Prestidge, wherein she mentions the Dangerous Things website and implanting microchips.


Brits make everything sound so elegant. This is awesome.


Haha, well, I can tell you 100% that is a Kiwi accent.

I have no idea who she is though, I’m assuming
social media “famous”

Awesome publicity for Dangerous Things if she has a large following


You nailed it, small farm in New Zealand. I had no idea who she was but shes some personal brand PR marketer. She seems incredibly well spoken and successful in her field.

I stayed in London for 2 weeks for an event a few years back and stayed at an Air BNB with a great couple. I loved their accent. I then went out to a West Ham United match, made a few friends and learned about cockney. My hosts met up and i was schooled quite a bit on different accents in the area. Apparently, my Hosts are very “posh”. it amazes me because when i spoke i felt like some Neanderthal that barely grasps English with my poor annunciation and Midwest slurring.


Probably only the first part is relevant to you… but maybe the second half is too? No judgment :slight_smile: