Visa Or Mastercard Cloning

Is there a way to clone Visa Or Mastercard Contactless. to an implant.

Not really. Check

I understand but, Is there anyway to get what is inside the card to fit into the implant coat instead of the implant itself.
Thanks a lot for answering.

possibly, depending on how much cutting you’re comfortable with. The chips used in tap cards are typically “dual” chips that support both contact and contactless, and the chip is submerged in the center of the contact pads under pile of epoxy resin. On top of that, the chip is typically wirebonded to those pads and the contactless antenna is also. That means you’re not going to be soldering it to anything, even if you could get it removed.

TL;DR - it’s very hard to successfully remove a payment chip from a tap card.

Can I send the RFID chip to your company to get coated ?

Possibly. This is not a service we are offering officially, but it might be worth doing if we can arrange some media coverage and you promote Dangerous Things in the process. What country are you in and what payment card would you want to attempt to convert?