VivoKey Apex Applet Poll

lol who are you sending emails to? Amal may not answer cause he’s pretty busy. Just ask here. We don’t have an exact date for the public launch of the Vivokey Apex yet because we need to make sure all of the Flex One Beta participants are taken care of. It will be in the next couple months, don’t worry.

Fixed it for ya!

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yeh i suck at email… it’s a wasteland :confused: i admit i don’t respond as well as i should to emails.


I have a first (right) hand experience with that =(

Just curious, is it possible that the not a tesla key app could be updated to support the model S refresh? I know it’s model 3 only right now but wasn’t sure if the refresh which brings the S more inline with the 3 and Y would offer compatibility with the Apex app?

Is it possible the current app could work for the new S? Or would a separate app need to be made for the different model?

do you have a physical key card for the S and / or Y which we could test?

@amal I’m placing an order for one next month most likely so I could always send you one after I take delivery.

indeed… first scan with TagInfo when you get it… then we can go from there.

I believe we won’t have compatibility issues. As I understand it, the magic Tesla Service Card is not going to be updated, so it’ll still follow the same specs overall and our app should work fine.



Because why not?

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Good to see KeePass still on top.
Honestly, for me, that’s the most exciting feature above payments.


Which option is the not a Tesla keycard. That’s my vote!

The tesla NAK applet already exists


Just found it! earlier in the thread

Apex mega here we come :cupid:


We’d love Bitwarden as a password manager since that’s what we use, but if we need KeePass then we’ll definitely looking into switching over.
Looking forward to 2FA options with OTP and U2F, WebAuthn, PIV, PGP. Basically all of it we can use. And we’d love a hardware crypto wallet in the future. I think Jamie asked about that a few days ago but I can’t remember.

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We are planning on offering a service based on bitwarden called VivoKey Vault. It was under development for a while and a proof of concept was produced but core system redesigns of the VivoKey platform took priority. We will return to it some day soon though.

The idea is to eventually begin offering services that are tied to the VivoKey platform, Vault being one of them.


We look forward to it. I’ll make a note of that so we don’t needlessly transfer all our passwords and everything over.

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I implemented support for KeepassXC, see


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I am hoping any votes in this poll, MIGHT help steer the direction or at least help prioritise the order of applets considered for development :man_shrugging:

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