VivoKey NAK might also work for Y and S

Talking to Tesla sales support this morning I was told that as early as “last week” the model S was updated to support a “key card”. They could not confirm the technology used, or if this was a software update only or new hardware was needed, but in checking the Tesla keycard product page, what used to say “Model 3” only now says “Model 3/Y” … so perhaps S will join the ranks soon?

It would be great if VivoKey NAK worked with the Model S, 3, and Y…


ohhhhh snappp!


Well at least you can delete the Service Key. Makes me suspect it’s a shared secret, though, from that public key being pushed, which is scary.

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@amal or @fraggersparks so I test drove a model 3 yesterday and they gave me a valet key to use. They told me I had to keep it down on the center console while driving. Do either of you guys know if this card has to always be on the console in order to drive? I’d imagine with the Apex after you register the chip with the console you wouldn’t have to keep it there the whole time. Just curious about how that worked.

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I suspect this is a key point.

I confirmed the standard process with my friend, it’s only needed to start up.

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In the Model 3 you swipe the valet card on the outside of driver’s side door pilar to lock and unlock the car, and on the center console next to the cup holder to “start” the car so you can drive it. Once you swipe it once you are good to go. The card does not need to stay there or even be in the vehicle.

I’m pretty sure your can also just swipe on the outside of the car to get in and if you put your foot on the break pedal quick enough you can drive without the center console swipe.

Test it, Tesla has a bug bounty program, seems like a bypass to me.

No it’s by design… I can’t test, no Tesla… but in talking with their engineers it was a feature… if I’m remembering right

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Nice! I just tested with my Model 3 and @amal you are correct, it activates the car to be driven when you scan the card on the door pillar and then quickly get in.
I definitely see this as a feature rather than a bug or bypass. I currently have the guts of a valet card that I melted in acetone packed into an Apple Watch band. A less elegant solution while I wait for the NAK to be ready. But I wear it on my right hand which I really don’t prefer, because it’s awkward to reach across to activate the car once sitting. But now I can start wearing it on the left hand :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for the NAK!


I assume you are also waiting for the Vivokey Apex to be released SOON™

As @Pilgrimsmaster said the NAK applet works and is released already… but the hardware it runs on isn’t haha… VivoKey Apex Flex is due out very very soon. Pre-orders for it will start very soon as we get into bulk production.

Very® Very© Soon™